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 Kloie Rogers, Owner and Operator, started this business in November 2020 at 18 years old! She has dreamed of creating her own clothes and owning a business since she was a little girl and now she gets to do that and help our environment while doing so. She is passionate about engaging with her community and loves to show them a new way to fashion and home items! Every order and item is handworked with love and every order helps make our dreams come true!

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Our Mission

To create a sustainable, trendy, and unique clothing shop, to help everyone feel confident in their styles.


What We Do

We take old things and give them a new life! We are a new way to sustainable clothing and decor stores! Our items are created from used clothing/decor that would normally be thrown away, but will be used to create something people will use/wear instead of pilling up the landfills!

We also offer webpages as a bigger platform for local creators in order to support these amazing artisans!


What to Know

Items that require customization may take 2-3 weeks before shipping. 

Not every item will be exactly the same, rather that be the color of the item/details or the actual details. These are handcrafted items made from thrifted finds, which makes it almost impossible for anything to be identical! 

Shop Local

Shop Locally at Blessed Hair Studio & Boutique! We will also have lots of vendor events throughout the year where we will be traveling to different areas!

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