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Sectioned Wall Hanging Macramé

Sectioned Wall Hanging Macramé

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PriceFrom $27.62
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Small: 12”-20” driftwood/natural wood.
Medium: 20”-30” driftwood/natural wood.
Large: 30"-40" driftwood/natural wood.
X-Large: 40"-50" driftwood/natural wood.

Length is usually 1-3' from wood to end, (depending on size) and 1' to 2' from hanger to wood.
Length and colors can be customized.
Every driftwood will have a unique shape and look and cannot be recreated. 
Wooden Dowels and Knot Designs will NO LONGER be available for made-to-order items, only occasional ready-to-ship items will have these!
Designs may contain textured braiding and knotting along with beads unless otherwise noted.
Message us if you have an inspirational picture! If you are planning to hang this over furniture or in a certain place, please send me measurements for the length so that the item will fit you best!

    Returns not accepted.


    These may take 2-3 weeks before shipping.

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