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Have an item in your closet that needs a revamp? 
Found a product online that you want us to add some spice to?

  • Every revamp will be a custom priced.

  • A clean-up fee will be for any and every product that doesn't have tags on it and has never been worn. This typically is $5 but can vary.

  • Tie Dying products typically starts at $15!

  • If you are to find a product online that you want us to redo, you have the option to order it and ship it to us, or pay us to order it!

  • If you have the item you would like us to redo, you may ship it to us, and we will then examine the price based on the condition.

See something not in your size or want something changed about the product?

Custom Orders

Thanks for submitting, we will message you soon!

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